Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Demo/Home Learning Edition (HLE) Releases

  • Are you a student who wants to practice at home?
  • Are you a Mastercam user who wants to practice at home?
  • Are you an NC operator who wants to learn Mastercam?
We have had several requests over the past year to create a more usable Demo product that allows the user to save their work. Starting with the release of Mastercam X4, Demo and Student packages are being combined into a new package called Demo/Home Learning Edition (HLE). This combined package addresses the request by allowing users to save their work as EMCX files.

Here are some features of the Demo/HLE:
  • No SIM or security code required.
  • All Mastercam options and modules are supported except CATIA translator.
  • Read MCX or EMCX files. ○ Save only to EMCX format.
  • No output or export (translators, MCX format, etc.).
  • No post processing.

Demo/HLE gives you the chance to try out the new features of Mastercam X4 at home or to use it as a learning tool. This version is included free with any MastercamU.com class.

Note: Demo/HLE times out after a period of time. Demo/HLE is for home use and does not replace Design LT or the Educational Suite. For more information, please contact your local Mastercam Reseller.